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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I like to cook...Really?!

Recently, our lives have been very busy. Travel, summer schedules, etc. I found that we were eating out a lot. And by a lot I mean almost every dinner! Lots of problems with that - not only does it impact our finances, but the choices are just not as healthy. 

In talking with CME, I told him that I actually missed cooking. Really?!! Yes! I did.  

Yesterday was my son's birthday and when he asked for spaghetti squash Pad Thai I was excited! Woo hoo! My 15-year-old requesting home cooked healthy food - that is a victory!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Road Trips

I've decided that road trips are hard for me.  Road trips by myself are even harder!  Boredom sets in and my old habit of wanting to snack my way through the drive creeps back into my brain.  

Twice in 2 weeks I traveled to the metro Detroit area (about an 8 hour drive from home).  The first trip I took my son, daughter and son-in-law.  Time passed quickly going there because we had some great Jesus talk.  I didn't find myself wanting to snack at all, actually.  The trip home?  I was tired. And part of trying to rationalize my thought was that if I ate I'd stay awake. (Silly considering a lot of times food can trigger sleepiness!) I didn't necessarily do bad (didn't buy snacks of my own); but I did have a few bites of "this or that" that found its way into my car.  

So during my solo trip, I intentionally didn't buy snacks.  Did I think about it? Yes!  And that bothers me.  I wish I could get to the point where it wasn't a constant issue in my psyche.  Even if I had brought 'healthy' snacks, which some people recommend, I would be mindlessly eating because I was bored. I don't want that bad habit to be part of my life again.  I refuse to go back to an unhealthy lifestyle!

I think I've made it clear that the weightloss surgery isn't a cure for my addiction.  Every minute of every day I must make a conscious decision to choose Jesus over food.  Do I do great every day?  No.  I've had moments of weakness that happen.  Moments when I walk by something and grab a handful and pop it in my mouth before thinking.  I've even had moments when I willfully eat something that could cause me issues - and by that I mean that it could make me want more...and more...and more.  The head-work of this process is the hardest part.  Really.  But I'm so thankful that God has opened my eyes to the path that could lead to destruction for me and I quickly stop the process.  

I know He has big plans for my life and in order for me to follow His call, I must be healthy. Being strong and not buying junk food in the gas stations is an NSV for me too! Planning for things like road trips is is a must! No exception. Pay at the pump...don't go inside.  Coffee at a drive through, not in the gas station.  Those little things make a difference for me.  I'm doing what it takes to stay healthy!  God isn't done with me yet! 

"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14