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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Did It

I made it through telling my story at bariatric center.  Yes, I was nervous.  I don't know why since this is my story, but I was.  I felt like I was a little scattered in how I was throwing things out there (definitely not in any chronological order).  But overall, I think people understood where I was going with it.  

I touched on things like how I came to the decision; unable to do things with my sons in scouting and how I heard God tell me that the obese, pain ridden person was not who He created me to be.  I talked about how the weight of the emotional side of the journey was harder to deal with than the physical weight.  I talked about the small complications I had at the hospital. I mentioned that first NSV of my sons face and amazement when he realized he could get his arms around me.  I told them how I left my informational meeting thinking I'd never get to eat again...but how that was a total lie and that I still LOVE to eat, but that I am treating food as a means of life support not as a reward, or friend to comfort me.  I told them that I felt bariatric center did a GREAT job of preparing me for the surgery...nutritionally as well as emotionally.  I told them to take advantage of that!  I mentioned exercise and how I still struggle getting in what I need to, but that its a must for long term success.  (note to self)  I gave an example of what my typical food intake looks like...at 9 months out.  I reminded them that WLS won't cure their obesity.  This surgery won't fix food addictions.  There is still a lot of work to be done.  I read them the analogy of the life boat.  I answered questions about how much time I was off work, what about the extra skin, has anything made me sick?  Oh!  I told them if they pursue this surgery... DO NOT CHEAT!  I told them that they deserve to NOT cheat.  They are worth this and they should not cheat themselves.  I bragged on the staff at the bariatric center.  I truly feel they deserve it!  I was asked my suggestion on how to tell family who would be opinionated.  I told them that I handled it this way, "I know you're concerned.  Feel free to discuss your concerns among yourselves. I will not discuss them with you."  The person who asked this said that she hadn't thought of it as concern before, but just that her parents were opinionated.  She said that looking at it now, she bets it is out of concern.

I don't remember what else was really discussed, I just hope that there was something I said that helped them.  I don't know if I'm still suppose to speak next month or not.  I didn't ask.  If I am speaking, the one thing I will do differently is to have a little more order to what I say.  Regardless, I'm glad I did this.  It gave me some time to really look back at the past 9 months (year including pre-op) and be truly thankful for God's guidance and the work He has done in me already!  He is so faithful!
"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

Sooner Than Expected

I received a call this morning from my bariatric center. The person they had scheduled to talk at this evening's orientation meeting is ill and can't make it so they wanted to know if I would be willing to share my story tonight! I said yes. EEK!!!

I have nothing prepared and work is way too busy right now for me to even consider trying to come up with something today. I will trust God to put the words in my mouth that the attendees need to hear...not only about the program, but about how He sees them!

Prayers needed and gratefully accepted!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Veggies vs Protein

Some days I know I'm not getting in all my protein.  Today is one of those days.  Why?  Because I didn't eat/drink my morning snack and then at lunch I opted to have a yummy spinach salad first and then tried to eat the chicken I had also taken.  The salad was sooooo tasty though!  

I think that I miss eating the fresh veggies.  Though I do occasionally have some, I almost always eat the protein first because that's what we're suppose to do and then I am too full to eat the vegetables.  But today, I chose to eat my salad first.  And I'm okay with that.

I only got in about 51g of protein today - about 30g short of what I should consume.  Here's what I ate today:

Omelet made with egg beaters, tomato, spinach, mushrooms and cheddar cheese (10g protein)

(I skipped my "snack" because I truly still felt full.  Should I really make myself eat if I feel full?  Different than not being hungry...)

Spinach Salad with slivered almonds, pineapple, celery and raspberry vinaigrette dressing (<1g protein)
~2oz canned chicken in sun dried tomato sauce (3g protein)

Afternoon snack:
Frozen Protein Shake (15g protein) 
     4 oz vanilla soy milk (2g protein)
     1/2 banana (1g protein)
     1/2 scoop Protizyme Peanut Butter Cookie protein powder (12g protein)

Dinner:  (CME and I finally got to Red Lobster without there being an hour+ wait!)
Wood-fire Grilled Shrimp Bruschetta (no toast) (approx 21g protein)
3/4 cheddar biscuit (<1g protein)

So tomorrow, I must be intentional and get in ALL my 80+ grams of protein that I'm suppose to have per day.  I don't want to make a habit of skipping out on the protein, but the occasional day of choosing veggies first shouldn't hurt.  Right?
"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

I ran across this saying recently and wow did it resonate with me.  "Comparison is the Thief of Joy."  I let it sink in a bit and realized that for years I let comparison steal my joy.  I was so busy comparing myself to others that I didn't let the joy God had in store for me fully penetrate my life.  

Even in this journey, I found myself comparing my weight loss, my motivation, and my exercise habits with others or with numbers.  If I look back on some of my posts about slow weight loss, I can see the absence of joy.  I see frustration and agitation that I wasn't losing quick enough.  I would read "success stories" of someone who started out at my weight and how the pounds were just dropping off.  But me?  No!  I had to be the one losing slowly!  I realize that I was too busy letting comparison rob me of the joy of each moment; the fact that I was being transformed inside and out...emotionally and physically.  

So I urge you to stomp that thief into the ground!  Don't let comparison steal your joy!

"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

God Has Blessed Me

God has blessed me with the sweetest friends.  Friends from decades ago, friends from a few years ago and friends from just a few weeks ago.  My support network is beyond amazing with reminders that even though I'm still being vain in my thoughts about the extra skin He is gracious and may surprise me.   Friends who send me ideas on how to handle my TMI issue and reminders to get it documented.  Then tonight, I had the pleasure of meeting a new friend God put in my life through this blog.  We got to share a seat together and she brought me the sweetest gifts!!!  I am so grateful for the people God has chosen to put around me.  He does a much better job of picking my friends than I used to! 

Sweet gift from my new friend!
Love the Friendship Willow Tree Angel and candle!
and PB2!  and Lady Anti Monkey Butt!!!

"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

Monday, February 18, 2013

First Skin Irritation - TMI Warning

I have my first skin irritation caused by the excess skin.  It's not where I thought it would be though.  Typically you hear about weight loss patients experiencing irritation, redness, rashes, swelling, etc. under the "apron" of excess stomach skin hanging down.  My irritation isn't there.  My problem is actually IN and around my belly button.  

Warning:  TMI ahead!

I noticed it mainly because of the smell.  -sigh-  Yes, I did just admit that.  There was an odor I noticed but couldn't find until I started moving the skin around.  My belly button smelled sour!  UGH!  And it was red...and weeping (or is that seeping?).  Regardless I was horrified and immediately took action to clean it and dry it out.  CME advised me to take a picture to start the documentation process, but I still need to call the doctor to see what I can do to clear it up.  Until that time, I will be much more diligent in making sure it's dry inside after showers.  

This is more of the "transparency" and part of this journey.  Though I've had a hard time typing out the above paragraph and even a harder time posting the picture, I do believe it's important to share all of my experience and not to hide the things that aren't so glorious.  

"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wash Your Hands

Our family shares, though it's not always a good thing.  This time, my granddaughter and daughter have shared the lovely stomach bug with me.  We're pretty sure it started with my g-baby.  I got to hang out with her a bit on Thursday (when we think it started).  Then by Friday night, my daughter was extremely sick.  As a mom, I tried my best to encourage her to stay home from work on Saturday morning so as not to spread her sickness, but one of the things I've also tried to do is encourage a strong work ethic in my kids.  She went to work and I had my sweet g-baby all day Saturday.  Daughter wound up getting sent home because of vomiting there.  But I thought I'd keep my g-baby to let my daughter try to get some rest.  She wasn't bad, but she was definitely fussy for her and she wouldn't eat or take a bottle.  That night she had more very messy diapers (from what my daughter told me).  By late Saturday afternoon, my GI tract wasn't too happy with me, but I was really hoping it was just my body being finicky.  Wrong.  I feel blessed that I haven't vomited like my daughter, but other than that, I feel like complete and utter poo!  (no pun intended)  Can't stay out of the bathroom, but am trying to drink water to keep hydrated.  I've not eaten anything today (it's 4:30pm now) and not sure if I'm going to be able to.  I know the main thing is to keep fluids in me.  Dehydration is not good.

On a different note, did you know that if you take Pepto Bismal and then go to sleep that you most definitely can wake up with a black hairy tongue???  No? I didn't either, but during my first bathroom trip of the morning (4:11am) my mouth was so dry and tasted so bad that I brushed my teeth and when I noticed black toothpaste in the sink I was totally confused like...what in the world?!  Yeah...it was from the Pepto...it was nasty looking, but luckily isn't anything to worry about. Oh what a day!  

Yes, it's the season, and we all need to do what we can to try to keep this contained.  So people don't forget...  

"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Good Bargain

I've repeatedly mentioned my infatuation with PB2.  It's not changed.  But it is a little difficult to justify paying $5.95 for a 6.5 oz jar of the stuff.  Especially when I'm going through it so quickly.  I visited the Bell Plantation website and found a 4 pack of 1# bags for $27.16 plus shipping.  That plus shipping is always the kicker... $13 for this order.  However, CME being the Amazon guru that he is, found the same stuff for $31.62 and free shipping! The cost savings is amazing.  The jars I was buying from bariatric center are $0.92/ounce.  The Bell Plantation site made it better at about $0.63/ounce.  Amazon saved us even more with it costing $0.49/ounce.  (Some body math check me, will ya?!)

So my 4-pound order of PB2 arrived today!  I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.  LoL  Some days it's the little things...

"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

Not Trying...

For the record, I'm finding it more difficult to "not try" to lose more weight than I thought it would be.  Trying to get in a little more calories.  Trying to avoid the scale.  Trying to not think, "but I wanted to get to 140."  Yes, that's a number.  I gave it to myself.  I'm 17 pounds from that.  I still don't see the results in a mirror.  I still see the "problem areas" like the poochy tummy.  I still think that 140 would be healthy.  Eating a bit more is not comfortable most days.  It's not easy not to try.
"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not Created Equal

Let me start by saying I have an amazing hubby.  What man ever says, "Honey, it's Saturday, the boys are gone, our finances are okay right now, so if you want to go to the consignment shop to get clothes that fit..."  My man does! 

Clothing sizes are NOT created equal!  CME still goes clothes shopping with me because generally he does a better job of finding items that fit me.  It's crazy.  Anyway, my size 10 jeans fit very comfortably now.  My friend even asked me this morning if they were getting too loose.  (I have the best friends too!)  My 12s...yeah..loose.  So I thought I'd see what size I could fit into.  I picked up several pairs of size 8 jeans to give it a try.  Yeah, that was a wee bit too ambitious.  Some got stuck half way up my leg, others made it up, but were no where close to buttoning.  I came home with one pair of never been washed Tommy Hilfiger jeans - size 9 ($4.99) and one pair of Ann Taylor Loft dress pants - size 8 ($2.00).  Truly...can't wrap my brain around those sizes!  

But shirts?  This is where it's so important to not look at the sizes on the tags.  One shirt was a button down size XL.  Yes, I tried it on anyway because it looked small.  I was right.  I tried on Lg and Med and even had one sweater that I tried on that was a Sm.  No wonder we have body image issues!  No wonder we struggle with self confidence!  We get stuck on a size and associate that XL with a negative body image.  Yet today I bought XL, Lg and M shirts.  I left with 7 shirts and 2 pair of pants for less than $60.00.  I love consignment shops!

Pictures below are for CME's benefit...he thought I needed to post some of my bargain finds.

Comfy size 10 jeans - L top
CME:  Lift your arms

Size 10 jeans - L top

Size 8 pants - XL top
"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

Thursday, February 7, 2013

9 Month Post Op Appointment

In some ways it doesn't seem like it's been nine months since I had surgery, yet in other ways it seems like it was forever ago.  Regardless that's what it's been.  Nine months.  (Well, it will be on Saturday at least.)

I've said it before, but the staff at bariatric center is truly amazing.  They are so kind and genuine there.  I always see RN first.  She gets to do the fun stuff like weighing me and taking my vitals.  Should I consider it an NSV that I didn't take off all my jewelry before I weighed?  Previously, I would have - it was one of my "try to fool the scales" tricks.  Every little kilogram made a difference in my mind.  But today, I didn't care.  I didn't remove jewelry and I was down another 20 something pounds since November.  RN noted that I've lost just over 100# since surgery. (Remember their scales typically weigh me 2.5# more than my Wii.  I like my Wii better!  LoL)  My BP is was 96/60 which seems to be a new "normal" for me.  Most days, the lightheadedness reflects the much lower BP for me.  It's worse if I don't get in all my water.

MD was very pleased with my progress.  I'm not sure if I remembered this correctly but he said something like I had surpassed the "litmus test"(???) on my weight loss.  I think what he was saying is that I've exceeded the standard expectations.  He went on to say that on average, patients tend to lose 80% of their excess weight which was about 88# for me.  He said that he didn't recommend that I "try" to lose anymore, but if I were to lose more to make sure it doesn't affect my energy/strength.  He mentioned that the BMI charts are "rough" and that they don't take into consideration gender or age or muscle.  So he said he really advises his patients not to push themselves to get to a certain BMI/weight, but to learn to listen to their body and monitor things like energy levels, activity, etc.  So I guess it comes back down to what I've said recently...if I lose more, I'll be happy; if I don't lose any more, I'll be happy.  

I mentioned my not-so-good food day on Sunday.  Though he wasn't concerned, he did note it in my chart.  He asked me if I had any alcohol.  I laughed, said I couldn't lie and told him my NyQuil story.  He seemed to get a chuckle out of that too and said, "that's like 10% alcohol!  Guess you see how fast alcohol affects you now."  :)  He asked if I was having any issues with the excess skin other than it "being there."  Which I'm not...mixed blessings there!  We talked about the importance of exercise and healthy options going forward.  He reiterated the fact that the reason some people gain weight back after surgery is because they never changed their habits - going back to making poor decisions on eating and stopping exercise.  That leads to people thinking that the surgery didn't work.  It did work...the person just didn't make the necessary lifestyle changes to maintain the loss.  I. will. not. let. that. happen.  Just sayin...

RD was as nice as always. We chatted a bit, talked about my insane love of shrimp now; my PB2 vs reduced fat PB adventure; that I'm drinking coffee again; oh...and coconut.  She's going to send me a recipe for a coconut base soup.  Yum!  I'm going to send her the creamy taco soup recipe I made a couple weeks ago.  She told me to keep doing what I'm doing.  Listening to my body when I have days like I did on Sunday - which she said wasn't uncommon.  She said many patients have stories like that and if I don't get in all my protein one day, it's okay.  She did say to make sure to let them know if it's more frequent, but the occasional off day is just my body being my body.

My appointments always end with a little time with LCSW.  We talk about how things are emotionally, how I'm feeling, how I'm coping etc.  I told her that I've now personally connected with two different people because of my blog - which I find to be a cool way God is using this part of my experience!  She noted that I always give praise to God when I talk about this journey.  With tears in my eyes, this left my mouth before I knew it... "I've tried for so long to do this on my own.  When I finally turned it over to God, He has been faithful to see me through it.  How can I not give Him the praise?"  And I mean that wholeheartedly.  For over 25 years I have been clinically obese.  For over 35 years I've been overweight.  I have struggled so long.  I have tried it on my own and have repeatedly failed. I never fully let God have this part of my life. For whatever reason, I held on to it...trying to prove that I could do this.  I was wrong.  God has truly transformed me...from the inside out.  Praise God!
"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

Monday, February 4, 2013

Food, Thoughts, and What Nots...

There's been a lot swirling around in my brain lately.  So it's time to get some of it out.  (This usually means I have no idea what's going to leave my fingertips, nor how much...this might be a long entry!)

It's funny how I (we) cook more now than I did before. I cook for dinner and the boys lunches and for special events.  It seems like I'm constantly cooking.  What's even funnier?  I don't seem to mind!  For those of you who have known me for a while, you know that's a big deal.  And if you don't know, just ask CME.  He jokes (though it's not really a joke) that if I had my druthers I'd eat out all the time.  While that's been the case a lot, I'm actually getting to a point where I like to cook. Yes, some days I'm too tired to really put much effort into the whole thing, but I like looking for healthy ways to feed our family.  Yesterday, I even made a healthier version of a Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe for the boys' Super Bowl party at church.  I used light versions of cream cheese, ranch dressing and mozzarella cheese.  It was still delicious, but healthier.  That's the thing that I've noticed.  I am consciously looking for healthier options.  Yay!

Another example that I can think of is that I've run out of PB2.  Next to my love of shrimp, I'm thoroughly enjoying PB2 as my go-to snack.  Mix some with 1/2 a smashed banana...and oh yeah!  Last week, I was going to pick some up, but the only time I could get by bariatric center was when they were at lunch so I couldn't buy any.  I was bummed. Knowing that I have my 9 month check up this week, I figured I'd be able to make it until then.  After all, it's just PB2, right?  Wrong.  I found myself a really wanting some peanut butter last week.  I was at the store and figured that I'd just pick up a reduced fat peanut butter and be done with it.  But you know what?  A little comparison with the Reduced Fat Jif and PB2 and I just couldn't do it.  190 calories and 12g fat vs 45 calories and 1.5g of fat is a huge difference.  Not everyone is going to like PB2 and not every needs to eat the stuff.  But for someone who is wanting that peanut butter a few times a week, yes, the calorie/fat difference is a big deal!  I can't wait until Thursday when I have my appointment just so I can bring some PB2 home!

Yesterday was a not-so-good food day for me.  I started the morning by fixing an Egg Beater and a Morning Star Farms sausage patty.  Granted the egg beater was the equivalent of two scrambled eggs, but I couldn't eat half of the food that was there.  I was eating a scrambled egg and a MSF patty a couple of months after surgery without issue.  But yesterday, I may have had one egg total, but could only get down about 1/4 (if that) of the sausage.  Not sure what happened.  It just wasn't going to go down.  I didn't have any issues with it sticking or me eating too fast and I didn't feel full.  I just felt as if I was going to hurl if I put another bite in my mouth.  So I stopped.   

Lunchtime I was fine with a Gorton's Grilled Fillet.  Even added a little "banging shrimp sauce".  No issue.  By dinner time, CME was still at work and the boys were at their Super Bowl Party so I figured I'd just make a protein shake.  I've started experimenting more with these...getting a little braver on my varieties.  I recently discovered that the Almond Joy creamer, though it isn't the most nutritious, it does fit within my guidelines.  So with that, I used vanilla protein powder, light vanilla silk, 1T creamer, 1/2 banana and 6 chunks of frozen pineapple; I was going for that piña colada taste (yes, I know banana isn't in a piña colada, but it gives the smoothie a nice consistency) and was quite pleased with the results.  So pleased, in fact, that I drank all 12 ounces at one time...and within a very short time span.  (Do you see the issue here?)  I drank 12 ounces of a thick, nearly frozen, 33g protien shake in a short amount of time.  And then it hit me.  No...not dumping...sugars were still fine.  But with the small amount of anything else on my stomach all day long, this was WAY too much too quickly.  Foamies happened and I was miserable.  Nothing came up and I'm guessing that because it was liquid that it made its way on through quicker than it would have if it had been solids.  But OY!  Not a pleasant experience.  It was a reminder though that I am still learning and I still need to be very careful in how much I take in at one time, even if it's liquid!

I still find myself hesitant when someone compliments me and then asks me how I lost all my weight.  Why am I uncomfortable saying, "I had gastric bypass surgery."? I'm not uncomfortable blogging about it.  I'm not uncomfortable talking to people who know that I've had the surgery.  I am uncomfortable when someone says, "You look great...how did you do it?" I literally feel a little tightening in my chest before I respond.  I say it with a smile, but It feels like I'm about to bring on a whole new round of judgement from the world.  I H.A.T.E. that.  I wish there wasn't such a negative connotation that goes along with RNY gastric bypass surgery - but there still is.  I see it on the faces of those I tell.  I usually finish the conversation with, 'You know...it's the tool that God's given me that has actually worked.  For that I'm thankful.' I don't know what else to say.  -shrug-

I've had people ask me about all the extra skin.  "So are you going to have surgery for that?"  I don't mind people being curious.  I don't mind those who love me and are my friends.  It kind of bugs me when a random co-worker asks me.  Am I selective in who I want to know what about me and my life?  I suppose I am to a degree - yet here I am blogging about it.  Oh the mixed emotions!!!  And about that extra skin...I don't know if I'll have surgery.  If there's no medical indicators as to why I'd need it (which there aren't now) then probably not.  There is no way that we could afford for me to undergo a cosmetic procedure like that.  And, being as honest as I can be, I wish that was different.  The extra skin is mortifying some days.  I expected it in my stomach - it was already droopy.  I did not expect it in my legs.  Arms?  Yeah, figured I'd have some extra swinging skin.  Didn't expect it to be as much as it is right now.  But all of that is purely vanity, which I need to let go.  I most definitely will take the health benefits of being half the size I was with some loose skin over the alternative! I didn't wear shorts before, won't wear them now.  Didn't wear tank tops before...won't wear them now.  Swimsuit?  Not unless I can find some cute board shorts.  -shrug-  (Obviously as I'm typing this, I realized I need some prayer in this area...that I will not focus on the negatives, but focus on the work that God has done IN me. Thanks in advance...)

What Nots
I realized an NSV today that I didn't even recognize as one until I was talking with the receptionist at my dentist's office.  I've been going to the same dentist office since I was a kid.  The receptionist is the only one I remember.  I'm sure there were others, but as long as I can recall, Connie has been there.  So we were talking today about my surgery, my health and such.  She's trying to get weight off too.  She asked me if I was where I wanted to be weight wise. I explained to her that even though MD won't give me a number that the weight charts say I could still lose another 15-20# and be at the higher end of what's considered normal.  Even though I'm thinner now than I was in high school, I could still lose some weight and be healthy.  I told her that right now I'm in the 150s (WHAT?!?!) and in a size 10 pants that aren't tight.  And here was the unrecognized NSV... I said, "You know it's a pretty awesome feeling to not worry that my jeans will be too tight if I dry them."  Jeans out of the dryer...no falling backwards on to the bed trying to get them zipped.  No deep breaths and half squats to try to stretch them back out before trying again to button them.  Yes, folks, for me that's an NSV!  

Speaking of my dentist...He and I went to high school together (he went into practice with one of our classmates' dad...my original dentist).  Recently he ran across some of my Instagram pictures and was so excited for me.  Today when he saw me, I got that "one arm hug" with an "I'm so proud of you!" comment.  That was a nice NSV too.  :)

And a final "what not"...  later next month (March) I'll be speaking at an informational meeting for bariatric center.  I'm a little nervous and a little excited.  I want to try to help people get past any negative thoughts they might have in general about the surgery.  I want to share my story.  I want to share how God has been faithful through this journey and how He is the one to be given the glory.  Will you be in prayer for that talk?  Will you pray that I adequately answer questions that the people there might have and at the same time be able to speak of our Amazing God and His transforming powers?  I want people to see themselves as God sees them.  I want them to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made!
"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My New Addiction

Through the forum I visit and other people, I've heard the term "transfer addiction" multiple times.  (That's a different post for a different time.) Though I don't think that what I have is that at all.  My new addiction isn't drinking or gambling or shopping (though I do have my favorite resell shop!).  My new addiction is shrimp.

Before surgery, I could probably count on one hand the number of times that I had shrimp in a year.  And now?  I crave the stuff!  I'm constantly looking at new recipes, and truly feel like I could eat shrimp every single day.  We're told that our tastes "may" change after surgery and I'm still not sure why, but I think there is some truth in that.  My mother-in-law, knowing my love for all things shrimp, sent me a link to Banging Grilled Shrimp Skewers.  Our grill doesn't work right now, so I was a bit bummed.  BUT, as luck has it, this same website had a recipe for Banging Good Shrimp that's sauteed.  Another super-simple recipe with my favorite ingredient?  Yes, please!  So this evening, CME and I fixed this yummy dish with some Thai stir fry veggies.  Oh...ours was a bit spicier than what it probably should have been because CME added 3x the Srirachi sauce.  (We like spicy...and even if this was by mistake, it was still really good!)

I'm okay with my new addiction.  High protein, low cal and the family loves it too.  Win/win!

Sauteing the shrimp in a little bit of coconut oil. 

Veggies cookin...

Coating the shrimp in the banging sauce!

CME's dinner.

This is not staged.  Not at all.  ;-)

"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14