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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Read the Labels

I remember a time when I would thoroughly look forward to food days at work. Trying samples of this or that; grazing nonstop. It would not be uncommon for there to be food at my desk all day long.

I would like to think that my participation today (or lack thereof) was due to lifestyle change; I'm not sure that's the whole truth, but there is some logic to that. The change this morning happened when I actually looked at the nutritional label on cinnamon crumble muffins. I audibly gasped!! I even think the words "holy smokes!!" came out of my mouth.  I kind of felt bad for my coworker who brought them because no one ate them after that. One muffin has 650 cal, 34g (52%) fat and 47g of sugar. ONE MUFFIN!!! Unbelievable!

Then I started to wonder how many things we think are "not too bad" are really horrendous. I'm sure there are tons!   I don't even want to know what my calorie intake was this time two years ago.  So my lesson for today is to read the labels. Seriously. Take the time to know what you're putting in your body. If you have been through this surgery or are in the process, take advantage of every tool - every moment. Reading labels is worth the time!

 PS - the blueberry muffins weren't much better! 530 cal, 26g (40%) fat and 36g sugar! Read. The. Labels. 

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