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Thursday, January 19, 2017

It's Back...

That dull ache in my stomach... with bouts of intense pain. Yep.  It's back.  So I started myself back on Prilosec.  UGH!  

I'm 97.235% positive it's an ulcer trying to happen. It sucks, to be honest.  But luckily the Prilosec helps. And this time, I'm 99.9924% positive it's stress related.  (see previous post)

In the past 17 days since my last post...

  • My mom was told she's not a candidate for the liver transplant. Of course, she didn't ask why. However she does have an appointment with a liver specialist in Indianapolis next month.  My sister and I will be both be going so we can ask and hear and process all we're hearing
  • This past Monday I spent the day off work in the ER with Mom.  Her stomach as distended and it was causing her shortness of breath.  Her GI doctor advised her to go to the ER...where they did a paracentesis to drain the fluid from her abdomen (about 7 lbs worth again!) and then admitted her for chronic dehydration (ironic, huh?) and a UTI.
  • Although she was a fall risk, they left her unattended after her shower yesterday...and she fell trying to get dressed. No injuries, thank God, but still...
  • Later yesterday she was released, went home and she fell as she bent over to pet her dog. Another bump on her head, sore back, but worse was that she had to lay on the floor until my nephew could get up there to pick her up - my dad wasn't able.  (Yesterday the intense pain was BAD and I felt like I had heartburn on top of it all!)
  • Today (24 hours after her first fall) she lost her footing in the shower...and she fell again.  This time, my dad tried to steady her, but HE wound up falling into the tub as well!  I'm thankful for EMS personnel who respond to the "Help! I've fallen and can't get up!" calls. My husband has had to do that many times.  I just hate that my parents had to make that call!
  • I've been in crunch mode at work to get some not so pleasant tasks completed. Management isn't always what it's cut out to be!
  • I've watched as my baby boy has been heartbroken by normal teenage stuff.  Yanno...it kinda sucks that the days of "Let Mommy kiss it and make it all better." are no longer. I want to help and fix it...but I can't.
  • I kept two of my gbabies for a week. That was fun. Tiring, but fun!
  • I've lost 5 of the 15 pounds that have weighed me down (literally and figuratively) for a while.
So yes, my theory of the pain in the gut being stress related is pretty much a truth. Good news is that through all the extra stress, I've not binged. I've not thrown caution to the wind and grazed all day. I've gotten part of the weight gain off.  So that's a victory I'll claim.

I keep hearing and I need to soak in this truth...

May it be so, Lord.  May I soak in Your truths!!!
"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

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