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Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm Back!

I'm back from my two weeks in Turkey and have a lot of great stories.  But I think I want this entry to be about things I did well, things I could have done better and things I did really poorly while in Turkey.  I'm going to start in reverse order so I can end on a positive note!  LoL

Things I did really poorly while in Turkey

  • I ate WAY too much bread.  Every meal, every day... bread.  
  • I couldn't always tell the sugar content, yet I ate things anyway.  
  • I did not drink nearly enough water.  Lots of hot tea, ice tea, Turkish coffee and Nescafe - not enough water.
  • I often drank with my meal.  
  • I gained 1.1# (could be worse, I know...but boo!)
Things I could have done better while in Turkey

  • I could have been better at saying no when something was offered.  The hardest to turn down?  Fresh fruit when I wasn't hungry anyway.
  • Occasionally I ate too much. Like I knew I was "full" but would have one more bite.  Didn't happen often, but I know it happened, which means I could have done better.
Things I did well while in Turkey

  • I tried many new foods - successfully!
  • I ate very little processed/packaged food.  Tons of fresh veggies, fruit, meat, etc.  
  • I got plenty of protein in - various cheeses were also staples for almost every meal...and eggs for breakfast.
  • Walking - we walked a lot...up hill...both ways!  ;-)  Seriously though, this could also be considered an NSV!  Many hours walking without pain; climbing steep stairs in a castle; running through an airport... many NSVs!
Overall, I think I did well and the trip was great.  Just some observations that I want to get down in writing so I can concentrate on getting rid of that 1.1# and refocusing on good healthy eating!  I thank God for His protection on my pouch!  It allowed me to enjoy the hospitality and generosity of my international family and friends without incident! 

First Turkish Coffee of the Trip


Being in Turkey with this woman...two thumbs up!

The ladies!

Public Transportation (had tea here too!)

Fresh fish sandwich - (I didn't eat this bread)


Turkish Tea

Ice Creams

I went down the slides!!!!

Dinner table

My plate

Stuffed Mussels

"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

1 comment:

  1. Hi Deedra
    Looks like you had the most marvelous time - I'm so pleased. And a mere 1.1 gain for this much fun? Hey, that's great going - nothing to get phased by. You look SO happy (and beautiful too).
    Lovely memories... ah, I want to go back.