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Friday, October 11, 2013

Good for Me

This past Tuesday, I was able to speak at  bariatric center about my experience with gastric bypass surgery.  It’s not the first time…as a matter of fact, I think this was the 3rd time I’ve spoken at an informational meeting.  And you know what?  It’s good for me.  Here’s why: it helps me to remember how far I’ve come.

As I looked around the room, I saw “me” in another person’s body.  The old me, that is.  I started my talk and could tell when I said something that touched on the emotions of the people there.  I remember, very vividly, sitting where they were sitting just two years ago.  I remember the feelings I had at that time.  Feelings of fear and sadness and the thought that I’d never get to eat again if I had this surgery.  I remember the emotional baggage that was attached to my life then…to the weight.  And as I continued to talk, I was able to get some laughter from a few people.  I saw a lot of head nods.  I saw a lot of what I interpreted to be hope from some that they too could experience life the way I’ve been blessed to experience it.

Same questions are usually asked – Why RNY?  What about extra skin?  What about people who aren’t supportive?  Why this facility?  What do you get to eat?  How much?  And so on and so on…But this question was new this time, “Sure you were motivated at the beginning because you HAD to be or you’d get sick.  What keeps you motivated now that you’re 17 months out from surgery?”  Wow!  What a good question.  The first part of my response was the confession that I’m still a food addict, but I went on to tell them that I start every morning with the simple prayer to Jesus that I choose Him over food.  I then let them know that I also refuse to be unhealthy again.  I’ve got too much to do to treat my body like a garbage can.  I’ve got too much life to live to be 300lbs!  I added the fact that it’s fun to buy cute clothes. :-) Hey…what can I say? It’s the truth.

Anyway, I’m glad I was able to share some of my story again.  It was a blessing to be reminded how far God has brought me.  It was a blessing to remember the sadness that I felt back then and know that I will not go back to that life!  Yes, this was good for me!

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  1. Deedra, I think it's great that you have the opportunity to tell your story, but even more that you are generous and honest enough to do so. I'm glad you get something from it too - it's certainly an inspiration to others. Good on you.