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Friday, January 6, 2012

Perfect Candidate

I can check another thing off in the list of things to do to prepare for the surgery.  My PCP has completed the medical history and recommendation paperwork and faxed it to bariatric center.  YAY!

I had sent the information to my PCP and got a call on Wednesday from her nurse that went something like this:
     Nurse:  Hi Deedra.  "Dr. PCP" got your fax requesting her to complete the paperwork for your surgery.  You haven't had an actual physical in over 2 years.  She wants to see you first.

My first thought was, "Really?!?  Can't she just fill out the paperwork based on my records?  She has proof I need the surgery!"  Then my brain took me to, "What if she says no?  Then what?  What if she doesn't believe in gastric bypass surgery?  What if..."

Luckily, my appointment today went nothing like that at all.  Dr. PCP was very supportive!  We talked about my history with hypertension and how it's been under control without medication for a few years now (120/72 today).  We talked about my family history - which she had on file already.  She reassured me that if I didn't get the weight off, that I would be in the same boat as my parents - diabetes, heart disease, etc.  I even got to share with her that I really feel God has blessed me by not having the other medical issues that usually go with obesity!  She told me that the hospital I chose (both of our local hospitals have bariatrc centers) was really good about making sure the patient is very ready before the surgery.  She talked about how a few years ago she would be afraid to recommend that her patients even have the surgery, but that the procedure has come a long way and with the advancements she no longer has concerns.  She told me I had a good outlook and she could tell that I hadn't rushed into this decision.  (I guess I talk a lot for her to pick that up after not seeing her for over 2 years!)  She smiled at me when she said, "I think you are the perfect candidate for this surgery."  I know it's silly, but to me that was so reassuring.

For me, well, for me it's another testimony to God's goodness - one more fear dispelled. 

"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14


  1. This is great news! It's nice to have one more sign that you're doing the right thing. Now I need to find me a PCP for my physical. You've inspired me to finally have that bloodwork completed. I've only procrastinated for 3 years...

  2. It is nice to have one more sign, Missy. Feeling like God's blessings are all over this event in my life!

    3 years? And I thought my "over 2" was bad! :)

  3. Deedra,
    I have been on the same journey you are now embarking on. I had gastric bypass with Dr. Jon Shram in Ypsilanti, MI on August 10, 2010 and it has been the best decision of my life. If you ever want to talk, have questions, need support, anything, please do not hesitate to let me know. If you are wondering who I may be, ask the lovely Nona and she'll fill you in. Never forget how strong you are and even though this process feels long and difficult, it will all be worth it in the end. It took me 3 years to make the decision, get insurance to approve and me to finally feel emotionally ready! So worth it. It has changed my entire life!

  4. Hi Teri!

    Nona shared with me your info. :) Thank you so much for the encouragement! I've thought about this for many many years. I've had the insurance readily available for over a decade. I truly believe God has given me the courage to take this step! Thank you again for the encouragement - and I may take you up on the question asking as I get farther into the process.