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Monday, July 30, 2012


I truly feel as if NSV (Non Scale Victories) are God's gentle reminders to me that He is in control. Though I still feel as if I'm a slow loser compared to others, I continue to experience NSVs that help keep me grounded and focused on His work (not mine)! A few of those victories included: that wide-eyed amazement on my son's face when he got his arms around me; starting (and finishing) 5k events; the fact that CME can pick me up when he hugs me (oh how I've longed for that day!!!); crossing my legs like a lady as opposed to the "manly" crossing of ankle on knee; the fact I can actually reach my toenails to paint them (though I still wouldn't mind a pedicure every now and again); the ability to wear smaller clothes than I've worn since high school...and the list goes on.

Today though, I literally thanked God for this NSV. A former co-worker had RNY a month after I did, but at a facility out of town Today was her first day back to work due to major complications and the onset of a bleeding ulcer already. In her 2 months since surgery, she has lost more weight than I have in almost three...but a lot if it came with a price. I'm trusting God to help me through this process and fully recognize that this NSV is a blessing from Him!

Still a loser...and okay with that!!!!

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