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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dilly Bar

It's been an eventful weekend and I've got lots to talk about.  But that will be a different post.  I felt like this one should be about a situation that happened on Friday and the choice I made.

Over the past 18 months, my location at work has changed 6 different times.  We joke and say that we shouldn't even unpack our boxes.  Regardless, that's the nature of the business right now.  After the massive layoff a little over a year ago, our company has gotten in a much better place and we are back in growth mode - which means hiring more people and rearranging the offices.

All that being said, we have new "neighbors" that just moved in the row next to ours. (Yes, we're in cubicles. I'm thankful that I have a job and do not care one iota that it's in a cube!)  Earlier in the week, I off-loaded some stress balls shaped like teeth to our new neighbors. You know...purely as a welcome to the neighborhood gesture - not a "can you help us get rid of this crap" mentality at all!  :)  Anyway as a thank you, one of the new neighbors came strolling in on Friday afternoon with a bag FULL of Dilly Bars!  You know... DQ ice cream dipped in chocolate!  (Remember my post just a couple of days ago...I. wanted. chocolate.)  And of course I didn't want to be rude to the new neighbor... so I took one.

After carefully looking at the nutritional value, I decided that I'd be fine if I ate it.  So, I opened it.  Took 3 bites, was totally satisfied and put the rest in the freezer for later.  (Portion wise, I probably could have eaten it since it's ice cream aka liquid.)  I told myself, that it's okay.  Part of this whole thing is to help me be 'normal'.  And normal people eat Dilly Bars.  Just not every day.

Fast forward to my afternoon snack time.  Off to the break room I go...ready to get a few more bites of the Dilly Bar.  I proceed to take it out of the package and I look at it.  Know what?  I didn't even want it!  I mean, the first 3 bites were good.  It was a nice treat.  But I didn't want the rest.  I really wanted my PB2 and banana. (Have you all figured out how much I like PB2??)  But... it was wasteful, right?  Wasteful to throw out 3/4 of a DQ Dilly Bar?  Who would do that?  I would.  And I did!  I took my unfinished,  unwrapped ice cream and threw it in the trash!

I know it probably seems like a silly thing to even blog about, but for me it felt like a HUGE victory!  Former Deedra would have eaten the whole thing when I first got it.  If I hadn't eaten it originally, former Deedra would definitely finished it during snack time.  But I didn't!  I chose to have something that would nutritionally benefit my body.

I know that's not always going to be the case (I'll blog more about that later), but I claim that victory in the fact that God took away the desire to even want to finish it.  I don't regret the first three bites.  I am glad I didn't eat the whole thing.  I'll take this NSV!
"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

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