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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Right on Target

Those were the words of MD today at my 3-month post-op appointment.  I really do like the staff at bariatric center.  They know me by name, remember that I was on a trip last month, and are just full of positive and encouraging words.  I know I chose the right facility for me!

For so many years I have dreaded getting on a doctor's scales.  Not knowing what the number will be and waiting to get chastised about the results.  Just because I've had surgery and am losing weight doesn't mean that fear has left me yet.  But everyone from RN to RD to LCSW and MD were all pleased with my results.  It's still difficult to get out of the comparative mode - meaning comparing my results with someone else's.  So to know that MD was pleased (I've heard he can be a bit gruff at times - though I've never experienced that!) made me happy.  

The official scales say that I have lost 45# since surgery (15 lbs per month), though my Wii still weighs me less.  I've lost 8.5" off my waist and 9" off my hips.  Funny thing is they measure neck (which, as RN said, I've never had a big neck) and I've lost 1" off it.  I wish they would have measured thighs...I think there's a significant difference there too.

LCSW always checks in with the patients too.  I felt like I should have something negative to report (not really)...but seriously, I struggled to find a negative.  We did talk a little about how I have to be careful not to fall in to that comparative trap I mentioned earlier, but she said that's common.  She also mentioned that not seeing ourselves at the new weight is common.  I know that's a fact.  If I don't see side-by-side pictures I can't really tell a difference even if I'm looking at a photograph.  I think that for so long my brain denied what was blatantly obvious that now it can't distinguish the difference.  Regardless, that's "normal" too.  :)

So as far as my medical staff is concerned, I am right on target! Thank you God for your faithfulness and for helping me select the right center for me!!!
"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

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  1. Yay for being right on target! I'm so proud of you, friend. Comparison is the root of most of my "issues" too. Working on it, though!