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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So How'd It Go?

Yes, I know.  That's what you're all wondering.  "So how'd it go?"

I'll start with the endoscopy.  First, that numbing stuff they spray in the back of your throat is the worst part of the whole thing!  I was told it was bad, but I don't think anyone can truly put to words how bad it really is.  To say it takes your breath away is an understatement.  The taste...the burning...the numbing which makes it feel as if your entire throat is swelling shut...yeah it was bad.  Seriously, I'm pretty sure that if I suffered from panic attacks that would have set one off!  

This is what I remember...
Nurse:  Okay, I'm going to add this medicine to your IV which will make you a little drowsy.
CME:  Honey.  You really need to wake up;  they're getting a little frustrated that you're still here.

Yep...that's it.  And the sedatives didn't wear off until MUCH later.  I came home and slept...and slept...and slept.  

The endoscopy results showed esophagitis and gastritis.  They thought the esophagitis was from acid reflux...I'm pretty sure it was a residual effect of that nasty bug I had.  They biopsied a small part of the stomach lining because of the gastritis.  Again, I think it's caused by the bug.  I'll have a written report on those results soon.  Other than that, the results were pretty non-descript - nothing that the gastric bypass surgeon is going to be worried about at all.

My exercise evaluation was yesterday.  Even with all the stress going on, my BP was amazing at 104/68 with a heart rate of 71.  The evaluation part was a breeze.  I had to walk at an "exercise pace" around a track for 6 minutes and then take vitals again.  I walked 1,935 feet (which would be 3.6 mph) which left my heart rate at 121 and my BP of 140/70.  They then had me rest for 5 minutes to see how quickly my heart vitals would return to normal.  Mine did great!  BP 106/70 and heart rate of 79.  All of that means that my heart is capable of exercising without major concerns. 

The nurse (yeah, I don't think she was a nurse actually, but I don't remember what her "credentials" were) who worked with me spent quite a lot of time going over various exercises that she recommends; cardio and weight training.  One thing that she did say really made me feel affirmed in something I had often thought, but didn't want to say out loud.  I've always felt as if people judged me when I would say, "this really hurts my knees" or "I can't do that without my knees killing me."  Especially when it came to something that in my mind should not hurt my knees whatsoever...like the recumbent bicycles.  How on earth could THOSE hurt my knees???  I can't tell anyone that, they'll think I'm just lazy.  So when she said, "With knee problems, you probably should avoid the recumbent bicycles.  They tend to hurt the knees and sometimes the hips and back as well."  AFFIRMATION AT LAST!  I wasn't imagining it!!!

She did give me some ideas on what would work for me, the process of doing stretches, then cardio, then weight, then cardio, then cool down.  Her recommended exercise program for me is to increase the duration of exercise from 30 minutes to 60 minutes at least 3-4 times per week.  She suggests the weight machines at the Y (since I've done them before), elliptical and arc trainer and stationary (not recumbent) bicycles.  She also told me to listen to my body and if my knees scream, "stop" then stop.  I was given a resistance band and some exercises to do at home as well as encouraged to use the Wii when at home.  The nurse also suggested water exercises - I just need to get over the embarrassment of being in a swimsuit in a public place. 

So there I have it...more steps done.  More steps to take (literally and figuratively).  

With as smooth as all of this is going, I truly believe that God is affirming my decision for the surgery.  I cannot do this on my own.  It's good to know I don't have to!
"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14


  1. I love that you're doing so well! 3.6 is a fast walk for me, so good job! And you're so right about recumbents. They kill my knees. The elliptical and Leslie Sansone videos are the only thing that don't seem to irritate my knee these days.

    Keep up the great work, friend! PROUD OF YOU!

    1. Thanks Missy! 3.6 surprised me, actually. And it was so good to know that my mind wasn't fooling me to believe my knees hurt on recumbents...my knees really did hurt! :)

      I'm not yet a fan of the elliptical machine, but I will overcome that too!