A-Weigh We Go

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


So my brain got the best of me this morning and I was curious to see what the scales had to say today. Guess what! The scales showed me at the same weight that I was before I weighed yesterday. Exactly. 2.2# less than yesterday. But here's what's weird. The weight from yesterday didn't save on my Wii profile. Erased. Gone. Actually it's as if it never existed in the first place! That has never happened before and I was so excited. Let me explain why this tidbit is so important to me.

This missing data on the Wii, reminded me that this journey really is about Jesus. As I stand before our Holy God, Jesus will be my advocate and it will be as if every sin and every transgression of mine never existed. Jesus has already paid the price for my many many failures. He has already wiped away my sins through the blood He shed on the cross. People! That is a glorious and magnificent thing!!

Every little part of this journey is revealing more and more to me and drawing me even closer to my Savior. I'm so thankful for these little insights God gives me. The transformation that He is doing on the inside far outshines what He's doing for me on the outside. The weight loss is great, but the way He has opened my eyes and continues to reveal Himself to me is beyond words!!


  1. Maybe yesterday was really supposed to be a remainder of the things you thought yesterday. Old habits, new things needed to do. Not a long-term change of weight gained, but just an FYI, a "don't forget to" post-it note.

    1. I absolutely agree! It was a reminder to make permanent changes for permanent results. It was reminder not to take this for granted. It was a reminder that I must consciously make decisions. It most definitely was a big post-it note!! 143!!