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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I need some feedback from anyone who has had gastric bypass surgery.  (Or even if you've not had the surgery, but use these products.)  Which protein supplements did you like best?  Which did you like the least?  What's the best bang for your money?  Protein consumption is a huge factor in weight loss...especially in drastic weight loss.  Protein protects the muscles in the body - specifically the heart!  (I'm even willing to say forget about the hair...it's all about the heart!)  So I don't want just "any" protein supplement.  I want ones that are made for gastric bypass patients - those that are complete protein.

I was able to try three different protein powder drinks at my nutritional class on Monday and I can say that two of them were very tasty.  The third didn't taste bad, but the smell wasn't too appealing even though it was "unflavored".  Obviously these supplements will be the most expensive part of the food plan, but in the long run I think it's worth it.  I think *I* am worth it.

The first supplement I tried was 3 (tiny) scoops Beneprotein powder in 8 oz. sugar free pink lemonade.  This one didn't taste bad necessarily...it was a "little" grainy, but you could smell the vitamins.  (18g protein)

The second drink I tried was 1 scoop Chocolate Splendor Unjury powder mixed with 1c. light vanilla Silk soy milk.  This one was good!  It was rich and thick and not even a remote hint of that vitamin smell.  (20g protein)

The third drink supplied was 1 scoop Nectar Cappuccino flavored powder with 1 c light vanilla Silk soy milk.  Seriously people, this could replace my coffee!  It wasn't quite as smooth as the Unjury, but it was definitely drinkable. (30g protein)

The main thing that I need to look for when searching out the protein supplements is to make sure that Whey or Soy Isolate is the first ingredient.  Then of course I need to look at calories and sugar content.  There are a lot of good websites with information...but I really want to hear from people who are on this type of program and who have first-hand experiences with the different protein supplements.  Any feedback is appreciated!

One question I need to remember to ask RD - can I count the protein drinks as part of my liquid intake???
"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14

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