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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Picture Journey

This is a look into what the hospital stay looked like.  To be honest, I'm not thrilled about putting these out here - but CME took them and if I go back to the total transparancy so God can work in me through this process, I suppose it's part of it.  Trust me...you may want to skip this entry!

My sweet friend Lori praying with me before surgery.

Waiting in the pre-op room.

Reading my Emotional First Aid Book

The lovely ted hose and foot pumps to help keep blood clots away.

CME being a paramedic ... likes to get all the details.

Patiently waiting to go back to the OR


Addition of the liquid tylenol...could you see the difference?

               Watching the clock....     The time I was being wheeled to the OR

After they had pumped me full of tons of IV fluids, blood, etc.

Right before I left the hospital


The staff that I have absolutely NO memory of...none. 

Post-surgery.  After one of my vomiting episodes.

A few of the angels looking into my room from the nurses' station

Breathing apparatus (standard) and my "clear liquid" diet

Pouting and not thrilled CME is taking pictures at this point!

Yes...I've already become a fall risk.  

Some time on Thursday.  Still not feeling the best.

Not a fan of the camera at all right now.

CME's foot rest...my embarrassing bedside toilet.  :(

I'm not sure why they have smiley faces... really???

Updating my blog!

A wonderful reminder on the wall in the hallway of the hospital.  It was one of many.

Still not thrilled.  And oy!  The hair!

Jello!  (Liquid diet)

Trying to be pleasant with all the pics.

Wonderful flowers from some very dear friends!  

1 of 6 incisions.

2 of 6

3 of 6

4 and 5 of 6 (we seemed to miss #6).  The phone added for size comparison.  The one above the phone is the one that is causing me the most pain!

Oldest about as thrilled with the camera as I was.

Waiting to go home - updating my blog.

Battle wounds from the multiple times they drew blood.  After so many times, they had to figure out new places to try.  I'm sure the blood thinners didn't help with the bruising.

There you have it.  It ain't pretty, but its part of the reality. 
"I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14


  1. I can tell I really liked the toy camera effect on the camera, sorry. But, no matter what, I wanted to get the pictures now because I feel that someday you will appreciate being able to look back. Just sayin'. 143