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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stuff you may not want to know...

Yesterday was pretty rough. Apparently I am very slow coming out of anesthesia which isn't good when the want you up and walking around. Vomited a couple of times...besides the fact that it hurt like crazy, it was all blood. :-( I guess that makes sense that the only thing in there would be blood, but still kind of freaks you out.

Still trying to get me up and walking, around 8:30pm or so we tried to get to the bathroom. I say tried because as I was walking with assistance I got dizzy and cold sweats and the next thing I remember is CME and the patient tech trying to get me up off the floor. Yes, I fainted. :-(

There is no dignity in situations like these. Since I couldn't make it to the restroom they brought in a portable toilet. If that's not humiliating enough, the tech was male...and well hospital gowns are hospital gowns.

This morning has been some better. Meds have worn off and at least I am alert. Had to do an upper GI lab where I had to drink this nasty stuff so they could make sure that there weren't any leaks. Guess what. Fainted there too. Not sure why but its frustrating. :-(

We'll see what the rest of today brings. Still hoping and anticipating being released tomorrow.

Knowing I'm not at this alone...

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  1. Glad you came through the other side. Now it's recovery time.